JIT Axle torsion suspension systems possess many unique features and characteristics designed to meet the specific needs of utility, tent and travel trailer manufacturers. The JIT Axle...

    • is easily disassembled and repairable. (Patent Pending)

    • offers production flexibility. The axle can be rapidly manufactured to a required width and desired angle... all from just one steel tube. You can set the start angle you need thanks to an exclusive positioning system. (Patent Pending)

    • eliminates the need for suspension preload, thus generating a smoother rotation which in turn provides an air-suspension effect. Trailer bounce is significantly reduced, even when a trailer is empty.

    • reduces storage costs for inventoried parts.

    • can replace any torsion axle and is installable on existing utility, tent and travel trailers.

    • lessens storage space requirements.

    • eliminates suspension noise in leaf-spring trailers.

    • lowers transportation costs.

    • is manufactured without expensive
      specialized equipment.

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    Pro Torsion equipped Kargo Light, a modular electric vehicle

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